Turmeric Porridge

One of my favourite things to have for breakfast is oats, I have them pretty much every day. Whether they are cooked in the form of porridge, muesli, or simply cold in cereal form, they are a great start to your day that will fuel you and energise you until lunch! When I am feeling run down, feel a cold coming on or particularly in need of a comforting breakfast, my go to is Turmeric porridge. Turmeric is a bright yellow South East Asian spice that has long been used in ancient recipes and remedies. Turmeric contains curcumin that is a great anti-inflammatory and can help to protect against and help ease coughs and colds. This ancient spice is the first thing I turn to when I feel a sniffle!

Here is my own recipe for Turmeric Porridge:

Serves 1

1 mug/cup Oats (I use quick cook porridge oats)

2 mugs/cups Milk or water (use the same mug to keep the measurements accurate)

1 tsp Turmeric

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

2 cracks of Black Pepper (This may seem like an odd addition, but it is crucial for allowing the blood to absorb the curcumin)

Optional – 1 tbsp Maple Syrup


  1. Combine the oats and the milk/water in a saucepan and turn onto a medium to low heat.
  2. Cook the oats according to the packet instructions, usually around 2-3 mins
  3. Around a minute before the oats are cooked add the spices and pepper and stir thoroughly until all combined.
  4. Oats are cooked to the consistency you desire serve in a bowl adding the maple syrup if you want to make it sweeter!

Often I like adding all sorts of toppings to my porridge, but my favourites for turmeric porridge are a handful of raisins and a blob of peanut butter!

Tag me on Instagram if you give this a try! @fransfoodstories

Turmeric Porridge with date hearts, chia seeds, strawberries and raisins.
Turmeric Porridge with raisins, peanut butter and maple syrup.

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