Student Series – Lunchbox Lifesavers

First term is in full swing and so is all the work that comes with it. Being a third year I spend most of my days in the library, which means that unless I want to spend all my student loan on buying lunch everyday, I have to be prepared. This usually means that I make a salad in the morning or the night before to take with me to University. This not only saves a ton of money but it also helps me to stay healthy, eat well and not succumb to the greasy but oh so tempting food in the library cafe.

It really takes no time at all to prepare lunch and with these handy tips and guidelines you will soon get into the swing of things and you will never leave the house without a delicious lunch in your rucksack.

Salad Boxes:

To make my salad boxes I always try and follow the same guidelines so that I have balanced, healthy but most importantly yummy lunch that hasn’t gone all soggy by the time I eat it:

  1. Leaves – For my base I tend to have spinach and rocket, just because these are the greens that I like the most, but any kind of lettuce or leafy green would work just as well. It really depends on what you prefer!!
  2. Veggies – For my veggies I like to add colourful veg to make my salad more exciting e.g. cherry tomatoes, pre-cooked beetroots, sweetcorn, peas, broccoli. I have listed my favs, but as with anything it is finding what veggies you like best and that you enjoy eating. There is pretty much no limit as to how many veggies to have…I tend to go with how many I can fit in my tupperware!
  3. Protein – Some kind of protein is staple in my lunch, I find that it bulks the meal out and so keeps me full until dinner. I also thinks that it add so much flavour and makes a change from munching on rabbit food! My favourite source of protein are; tuna, qourn, boiled eggs, pre cooked chicken or fish like salmon.
  4. Carbs – I don’t always add carbs to my salads, just because I usually get them from other sources e.g. fruit that I am eating alongside it, or my other snack e.g. cereal bars etc. But if I am feeling in particular need of a more substantial meal I will add some cous cous or cooked sweet potato.
  5. Healthy Fats – For me this usually come in the form of some kinds of seeds/nuts. at the moment I am really enjoying the @munchyseeds seedy mixes that come in a variety of flavours which are perfect for adding to your salad. Another great source is avocado, or some feta cheese.
  6. Dressing – After much trial and error I have worked out that a simple wedge of lemon acts as the best dressing, as you can squeeze it over your salad when you want to eat it and it also has no risk of leaking over your bag. However, if you do want to add a more luxurious dressing, you can! Just be mindful that it might make the leaves go soggy if left too long!

I hope this helps and makes your lunches more exciting during those long says at the library that we all have to endure at some point!





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