My Favourite Restaurants in Newcastle

As I am nearing the end of my three year degree in the wonderful city of Newcastle, I thought that I would share my favourite eateries in the cities. It is fair to say that I have eaten at a fair few of the restaurants in the city as I am fan of going to non-chain and individual restaurants that offer something different to the standard chain. Luckily, Newcastle has hundreds of excellent places to eat that I have been able to work my way through. Here are a sample of my favourite – from healthy to more indulgent, cheap eats and special treat restaurants.

1. Fat Hippo  £

As a student in Newcastle you really haven’t engaged in the true student experience until you have dined at The Fat Hippo, and as there is one round the corner from my house, it is safe to say that I have frequented the establishment on numerous occasions!

Their burgers are the best around and honestly the best burgers I have ever had! My favourites on the menu have to be the Fat Hippo itself – as that Fat Hippo sauce is something that dreams are made of – and also the PB + J. Made with peanut butter and bacon jam this sounds unusual and frankly bizarre but as a peanut butter aficionado – its the bee knees. So if you are feeling adventurous give it a try and you won’t regret it!

PB+J Burger with Skinny Fries

2. The Naked Deli ££

This is one of my all time favourite places to grab a healthy and nutritious lunch – as well as that you can always count on The Naked Deli to provide the best healthy and clean treats around! They only ever use natural, unprocessed foods with their motto being ‘to look good naked, eat naked’. The food is truly scrumptious and you can just feel the goodness seeping into your blood – ok not really BUT the food is amazing!

I highly recommend the halloumi skewers, protein bancake and the almond coated chicken fillets. To drink my go to is the chocolate and nut butter protein smoothie – so creamy and delicious it tastes so indulgent. Obviously lunch isn’t complete without one of their ‘naked treats’ – of which I have tried many! But my favourite has to be the avocado chocolate torte or the raw snickers – but that’s a hard decision as they are all delightful!

Almond Chicken Goujons, Naked BLT and Roasted Salmon with Salads


3. Bear and Natural Kitchen £

This is a new find for me in Newcastle – but it quickly is rising to the top of my list! Found in Heaton, this new little cafe serves up a selection of options suitable for vegans, veggies, meat eaters, low carb etc. and all of them are delicious.

I was very intrigued by the chickpea protein pizzas of which I had the herby chicken one – and it didn’t disappoint. It tasted pretty similar to a normal pizza, with a crispy crust, herby basil chicken and a stringy and melty layer of mozzarella cheese. Safe to say it satisfied my ongoing pizza cravings! I can also recommend the immune boosting smoothie and the cacao and avocado smoothie – both so creamy and amazing!

Herby Chicken Chickpea Pizza

4. Harissa Kitchen £

This is a hidden gem deep in the heart of Sandyford, but trust me once you have found it you won’t look back! They serve up a delicious selection of fresh, tasty and healthy food from the Mediterranean in a cosy and bright little restaurant. The great thing about Harissa is that it is a social enterprise kitchen that gives back all its profits to the local community and its sister organisation Food Nation. I love the Yorkshire fettle cheese omelette which is so light and fluffy and served with amazing crispy sourdough toast.

Yorkshire Fettle Cheese Omelette

5. Dabbawal ££

This is my Mummy’s favourite restaurant and we go pretty much every time she comes up to visit me! They specialise in healthy Indian street food cuisine, serving up the best curry around. I love the chicken tikka masala – although it is a little spicy so not for the faint hearted. Other favourites of mine are the Malabar King Prawns and the creamy yellow lentils which are a bit like dahl.

Located in West Jesmond tucked behind a row of shops and restaurants and the metro in a secluded little cosy restaurant you really feel transported to the streets of India. The twinkly fairy lights and the charming colourful painted walls really entice you in and make you feel welcome. Highly recommend – especially if you are a student with visiting relatives!

6. The Northern Juice Co.  ££

My favourite thing to do to treat myself is to wander into town and have a browse in the book shops and department stores before heading down to my favourite coffee and juice bar to pick up a treat. The Northern Juice Co. fits the bill perfectly and stocks a range of delicious and unconventional juices which is so refreshing from the normal high street chain options. My favourite has to be the Matcha and Maca latte, but I also adore the Elderberry and Raspberry latte – which is pink! Alongside their impressive drinks selection they also sell delicious cakes which are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free on most occasions and healthy salads perfect for a grab and go lunch!

The Northern Juice Co. located on High Bridge Street


This is my first post of this kind e.g. reviews and lifestyle stuff! So if you liked reading it leave a little comment to let me know!







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