The Unibox – Review

So I am starting to use this platform for not only sharing my recipes with you but also more lifestyle and fitness related blogs. This time I am bringing you my review of The Unibox – a subscription box aimed specifically at university students. It is like a care package that you can receive on a monthly basis or as a one off – although once you get one it will be hard to not keep going they are that great!

The March Box

The box contains a variety of full size products – some food ones, lifestyle ones, helpful student essentials and cosmetic products. I love the fact that all the products are full size and not samples as not only can you enjoy them for longer but you really feel like you are getting your moneys worth. Some examples of the products so far include: Teapigs, Mallow and Marsh bars, Cocoa Plus+ Chocolate, a travel coffee mug to store your Littles Vanilla Coffee, Shower Gel, Vitamin Spray and so much more!

Not only this but you also receive a little magazine – the Tub Mag – each month that is full of student tips and tricks to help survive the term, with each magazine having a specific focus each month. From money saving tips to planning your day it really is a delightful addition. I have actually been lucky enough to be involved with Daphnee and Amie in the creation of the little magazine that comes inside the box contributing all the recipes so far! They are specifically aimed at students to provide cheap and healthy meals that won’t break the budget.

Honestly, the delivery of my Unibox each month is such a treat! I love opening the perfectly packed blue box, carefully opening the tissue paper to reveal what goodies lay inside. They are always extremely student friendly and based around making your student experience that little bit better – I certainly enjoy tucking into my chocolate treats each month, not that they usually last long!

To find out more information about how to get your own box check out there website here: The Unibox

or check out their Instagram page here.


Hope you found this useful!



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