About Me

Hi, I am Fran the creator and chef behind this website and little slice of the interweb.

A little bit more about me…

I have always had a passion for good food made using quality ingredients. Growing up, my mother always ensured that my 3 siblings and I had hearty home cooked meals after school and I would often watch her and help her in the kitchen. This instilled my love of cooking and from a young age I would always be eager to bake, often forcing my siblings to eat very burnt doughnuts or stodgy cakes as I learnt.

I love creating big tasty dishes that bring people together and can be shared with family and friends. I started my Instagram (@fransfoodstories) and blog in 2016 whilst at university, however since then my food journey has evolved somewhat.

I now follow a plant based diet – which I know has a different definition for everyone! But for me that means eating a 99% vegan diet (leaving 1% for slip ups, that do happen occasionally!) I chose to eat this way for various reasons, with the environment being the first and biggest driver. I have also always wanted to create my own space and business in the food industry which is why I recently embarked on a 3 month course at Le Cordon Bleu in London to train to be a chef. The course was a Diploma in Plant Based Culinary Arts which suited my lifestyle perfectly, professional training and plant based – what could be better!?

So that brings me to now – a freshly trained chef eager to bring the best plant based food out into the world!