About Me

I started an Instagram page in March 2016 and thought that after around 6 months it was high time that a blog followed! I have never done anything of this kind before, so bear with me whilst I learn the ropes. I have always been very interested in food, cooking and creating new recipes, from watching my Mummy in the kitchen when I was child to learning to cook for myself at university. As much as I can, I follow a relatively natural, whole food and low sugar lifestyle, but I strongly believe that balance is key to attaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. For me this means that where possible I aim to consume natural and unprocessed foods that are going to fuel and nourish my body… ultimately, a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t do any harm!!

This blog will mainly contain recipes that I have created, adapted or simply go to ones that I love for easy and simple meals and snacks. I hope that they inspire and encourage you to try new foods, experiment in the kitchen and get excited about fresh, healthy food!

If you want to see more of my food and what I eat on a daily basis, head on over to my Instagram page and have a little scroll!