Chocolate Puddle Muffins

Chocolate muffins with a gooey, oozy peanut butter puddle in the centre sound good to you? Yup me too...that's why I created this recipe. Easy, simple and real ingredients results in the yummiest most delicious muffins that are perfect for school packed lunches or taking into work to avoid the 4pm sugar slump. They are … Continue reading Chocolate Puddle Muffins

Berry Chocolate Cheesecake

Raw. Vegan. Healthy. CHEESECAKE. I have wanted to create this recipe for such a long time and I was presented with the prefect opportunity on a lazy Sunday to get experimenting in the kitchen and safe to say it turned out amazingly well. The taste is so similar to a normal cheesecake as the lemon … Continue reading Berry Chocolate Cheesecake