Student Series: Sticky Soy Chicken

This honey and soy marinated chicken is a perfect 15 minute dinner to whip together after a long day of revising and keep all your housemates happy, if you are willing to share! Perfect comfort food paired with some kind of pasta - I have mine with black bean pasta (pictured) or rice noodles. Ingredients: … Continue reading Student Series: Sticky Soy Chicken

Student Series: Sausage and Pearl Barley Casserole

Got a winter warmer recipe coming at you this week. Being back at University means that I am constantly thinking about making my life quicker and easier when it comes to food and cooking times. As much as I love it, sometimes other things take priority, *cough* Dissertation *cough*. Anyway this is a super simple … Continue reading Student Series: Sausage and Pearl Barley Casserole