Hazelnut and Maple Granola

Granola is one of those things that I could eat all day long. Breakfast? Granola. Snack? Granola. Dessert? Granola. Whether you have your with yoghurt and fruit or peanut butter and jam, or just straight up with some ice cold milk, we are all lovers of the humble granola. But often the shop bought ones … Continue reading Hazelnut and Maple Granola


Carrot Cake Porridge

I am sure by now most people have heard of Zoats, but if you haven't I get you up to speed. Zoats are Zucchini Oats made by adding zucchini or courgette, come on people we why aren't they called Coats (Yes I now see why not!), to your oats. I think the general aim is … Continue reading Carrot Cake Porridge